The Tide Hammer

Episode 04

Kirkwall, City in Chaos

After attending to the business of acquiring a new navigator, crew and the dockmaster Malindrin and his mysterious crew, the heroes set their sights on tracking down the 50 sovereign bounty.

The dark and miserable recesses of Darktown hid more than just people from the group of heroes as they sought out the rogue Grey Warden. Tortho, the dwarf that’s as untrustworthy as he is round, sold the group out to murderous thugs after he spotted Stefan talking with rival dwarf Bolduin. A short and brutal fight ensued during which Tortho slinked away to never be seen by the group again.

After a muck-filled interrogation of the thug’s leader involving the sewers of Darktown, the heroes were able to find the whereabouts of the Grey Warden. Following their clues to the refineries of Darktown, the heroes found the Warden at the same time she spotted them. A chase through Darktown ensued, with all three heroes chasing her up into Lowtown. Once in the open markets, a shove from Fif, a crack of the staff from Sun and a quick reversal from Stefan found the Grey Warden pinned.

A series of fiery exchanges between the group and their new Grey Warden captive resulted in an aligning of goals, although no foundation of trust from either group. Regardless, the group smuggled the Grey Warden aboard the Tide Hammer and along with their new crew, the group quickly departed Kirkwall before riots threw the city completely into chaos.

Now the heroes find themselves feeling at home in the open seas, safer on ship than they ever were in the city of Kirkwall. The Grey Warden, Talia de Castille explained to the group that their fight against the Blight will require them to find either an Elven Keeper, an Avarrian Loremaster, a Chantry archivist or Chronicler from Antiva. However, their course is already set for Highever to deliver the Dockmaster Malindrin, with the city of Ostwick next to find a Chronicler.



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