Dr. Sun

An artist with the bone saw.


Sun was drafted into the military at a very young age. But it didnt take long for him to find his true calling. His unit’s doctor was also a raw recruit, totally untested and in possession of a weak stomach (an unfortunate condition for a battlefield surgeon.) Sun found himself helping with and eventually taking over doctoring duties for the unit when it became clear the original doctor was essentially useless. As it is, Sun’s healing skills are mostly self taught, a rarity for a doctor. To be fair, his early years consisted mainly of amputating limbs before the spread of corruption. It worked remarkably well, though that was more likely the result of the magic Sun had unconciously been using.

The war Sun was fighting in turned out to be a disaster for his homeland and he soon found himself captured and pressed into service for the other side. This bothered him the first couple of times it happened but by the fifth or sixth time it stopped mattering. Sun realized that all kings were the same. They lusted for power and would blindly seek it at the expense of unimaginable human suffering. The grind of war withered his sense of ethics and instilled a profound pessimism in him. Sun does not necessarily believe in good, but he believes in evil. In his mind there are those who intentionally cause suffering and there is everyone else.

Dr. Sun

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