Stefan "Seagull" Carroway

A well spoken warrior with a mysterious past...


While he tries maintain a clean and royal appearance, as he was raised, time on the Tidehammer and away from “civilized” company has darkened his skin and let his dark hair grow long and unruly.
He also sports a variety of scars on his arms from his current battle but a large mark on his back, left over from the Arl’s assassins
With the invention of his alias “Captain Seagull” he always wears a trade mark cloak of grey trimmed in white


Stefan is a young man of obviously high standing in society, not only because of his education and skills involving etiquette but also because of his attitude and temperament. His skills with a sword and shield, combined with deep senses of chivalry, loyalty, and honor place him as a knight but he bears no colors nor sigil that would mark him as such.
In truth he is the eldest son of the disposed Tiern of Highever but was forced to go into hiding when Arl Quintyn Howle betrayed and murdered the King. After escaping on a vessel that took him across the channel to the Free Kingdoms he spent 6 years training and surviving among the peasantry until he thought he was ready to return and claim his birthright
While he doesn’t speak much of what happened before he stumbled into the inn that eventually led him to the deep roads and then out to sea, he makes it a point of pride to be forthwith and honest, if not a little harsh, with his companions and those aboard the ship that he captains.
Due to the onset of the blight and his time among the common people, mainly his two traveling companions, Stefan has given up any claim to the throne of Highever he once had and instead focuses on the greater threat to all of Fereldan

Stefan "Seagull" Carroway

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