Fear grips the people of Thedas once more as threat of a new Blight spreads across the land. Like some ominous tide, it is said that hordes of Darkspawn have begun to wash over the coastal cities of Ferelden, while whispers dart across taverns that a similar fate has befallen the peoples of other nations such as Orlais, the Free Marches and Antiva. As war-worn armies scramble to mount a defense against these brutal and swift attacks, many folk flee inland, choking the roads with refugees, while others take to the sea in hopes of reaching a city that isn’t wracked with fear and turmoil.

All is not lost however. Word has it that great forces from all nations are marshaling at Amarthine and Alamar, readying themselves to face the Blight and providing safe haven to those who rally there. All you have to do is get there.

The Tide Hammer

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