The Tide Hammer

Episode 03

Welcome to Kirkwall

As the heroes made their final approach to Kirkwall, they held a secret meeting to determine their fortunes moving forward. Kirkwall would be their first chance to rest and perhaps a chance to ignore the growing Blight altogether, at least for a while. While tempting, the group ultimately decided to press onward together towards Alamar and Amarthine, in hopes that the rumors of armies rallying there to fight the Darkspawn were true. With the hard travels ahead of them beyond Kirkwall, the heroes justly gave nearly everyone a chance to stay aboard or leave. Old man Vyris and the cowardly guard Edwin both departed, while the heroes escorted Martisto the Templars where he could be monitored and hopefully, trained.
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With such matters attended to, the heroes set about exploring Kirkwall to gather crew, supplies and perhaps a couple jobs. The Kirkwall they hoped for and what they found were two different things however. Driven to a panic by rumors of the Blight, the people of Lowtown have been barricaded into their district to prevent a mass exodus. Meanwhile, with all the town guards occupied with keeping the populace segregated, crime has run rampant in Lowtown with a gang of elves aiming to carve their place within Kirkwall. As the heroes struggled to help those they could within Lowtown, while also searching for opportunities throughout the city, rumors of a Grey Warden turned thief surfaced with a 50 Sovereign bounty on her head and both the Templars and town guards in hot pursuit.

With the city at a boiling point, and only a few days left before the military drafts all remaining ships into its standing navy, the Fif, Stefanand Sunhave decided to enter the chase after the Grey Warden by descending into Dark Town – a place of ill-repute where the city’s most desperate criminals and most destitute victims skulk about in shadows.



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