Ser Jory

A templar who seems more interested in doing what's right rather than doing what the order demands.


Jory is tall and lanky, with narrow and angular features. One night after some heavy drinking, the crew of the Tide Hammer discovered more about Jory’s origins:

I uh… I was part of a circus actually. Cutthroats, swindlers, skalds and magicians surrounded me in my youth. My act was… well I can’t do it while drinking and one of these ladies would have to be brave enough to stay still… anyway, our group ran afoul of the law after the apostates among us took to more violent practices. Templars came in and pacified them, saw that I perhaps didn’t fit in, and trained me in their ways. I’ve had a soft spot for the down-on-their-luck type ever since, which is probably why I haven’t changed rank after 10 years.

Ser Jory

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